Fined for keeping a crow as a domestic animal

Fined for keeping a crow as a domestic animal

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 June 2015 – Back in 2009 Simon Pérusse, a Métis, was alerted by a friend that a baby crow had lost its parents and had fallen from its nest breaking a wing in the process. M. Pérusse immediately rescued the bird and started hand feeding it in order to help the bird re-establish itself.

It is customary for First Nations people to care for lost or injured animals. After a week a decision was made to keep the bird as a household pet even though he seemed to be doing well physically. The crow, which Simon has named Moko, had become attached to his caregiver and vice versa and the two have lived happily together ever since.

Moko has become such a friend to Simon that he takes him everywhere, to his work as a tour guide, to schools where he presents speeches to students about aboriginal customs, and on long walks in the woods. Moko will never be able to fly but he sits perched on M. Pérusse’s shoulder and pretty much sees the world as a human would.

A month ago M. Pérusse decided to inquire to the government if whether or not he could indeed keep a crow as a household pet. The answer came back as negative and just yesterday, June 23, Simon was handed a fine of $654 for keeping a wild animal in captivity.

M. Pérusse has 30 days to decide if he pleads guilty to the charge or hire a lawyer to fight the fine. He has been told that if he pleads guilty the bird will be apprehended and euthanized by the authorities. In the meantime he can keep Moko because he is the only one who knows how to look after him, according to the Parks and Wildlife agents dealing with the case.

There is a petition at that one can sign on-line to help Simon keep his 6-year old friend Moko.

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