Fire at the Delta Hotel in Quebec City

Fire at the Delta Hotel in Quebec City

Main pic: Boulevard René-Lévesque, en direction est vers la colline parlementaire à Québec. À l’arrière-plan l’Hôtel Delta de la Place Québec. Photo credit: Malimage

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 March 2015 – The fire alarms went off at around 8pm at one of Quebec City’s larger hotels yesterday causing the whole hotel to be evacuated putting its 268 guests out onto the street in a temperature of -24 Celsius.

Some of the guests were at the pool when the evacuation order was given forcing them to exit the building in nothing but their bathing suits.

The Hotel has a protocol for such emergencies and the whole logistics for the evacuation went off without a hitch.

The clients who were at the pool were offered warm towels to wrap themselves up in and two city busses were called in to accommodate the evacuees and keep them warm.

There was indeed a fire which broke out in a power room on the 5th floor. The city’s fire department arrived on the scene within minutes and located the source very quickly. Smoke from the fire had attained the seventh floor by the time the fire was discovered as witnessed by some of the customers who smelled and saw the smoke on their way down the stairs during the evacuation process.

In all, a total of 12 fire trucks and 55 firefighters arrived at the scene. All the clients who had to leave the hotel were redirected to other establishments within the area, the majority of which were swiftly booked into the adjacent Hilton Hotel.

The whole people management procedure went down without any injuries or mishaps but has obviously changed the vacation plans for 268 people who were here during the spring break vacation week.

The hotel will remain closed until further notice.

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