Fire in a charcoal factory: Catastrophe averted thanks to firefighters

Fire in a charcoal factory: Catastrophe averted thanks to firefighters

SAINTE-CHRISTINE-D’AUVERGNE – Thanks to the quick intervention of firefighters stemming from seven municipalities in the MRC of Portneuf, a charcoal-making company avoided the worst, seeing as though the cost of damage could have been higher than $ 1 million.

The flames, which began around 8:45 pm on Friday night, completely destroyed the Maple Leaf Charcoal bagging plant located in the municipality of Sainte-Christine-d’Auvergne in the Portneuf MRC, Near Quebec City.

“We are fortunate in our misfortune,” said Sylvain Naud, co-owner of the 32-employee company. We did the work in that factory during the day, so luckily; nothing was underway inside at the time of the fire. ”

He was impressed to see the solidarity of the various fire departments of the surroundings who joined forces to control the flames and thus avoid the spread.

“Without their help and teamwork, the damage would have been even greater,” he added. Within 30 feet of the bagging plant, there is a warehouse where all our production of the last few weeks was stored before being delivered.”

The co-owner added that the challenge “will be to find a new way to put bag last week’s production until the whole thing is rebuilt”.

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