Fire in a Recycling Company in Châteauguay

Fire in a Recycling Company in Châteauguay

A large fire in an establishment that recycles hazardous materials required the intervention of approximately fifty firefighters on Saturday morning in Châteauguay.

The fire started at around 11am in a warehouse located not far from Industrial Services Newalta at 125 rue Bélanger.  This company provides mostly storage and the handling of hazardous materials.

The building was equipped with jets, but the fire started just the same due to the flammability of the products stored there, explained the Director of Fire Safety Services for Châteauguay, Luc Lapointe.

Organic products or products with a petroleum base, especially solid residues of fibre glass and cosmetics were stored in the warehouse.

Because “the wind was blowing in a good direction”, towards the south, the fire didn’t become problematic, added Lapointe.

Firefighters from St-Isidore, Saint-Constant, Sainte-Catherine, Beauharnois and Candiac-Delson helped the team of firefighters from Châteauguay.  Employees of the Minister of the Environment also came out in the afternoon to test the toxicity of the air, earth and water.

There were no injuries.
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