Firefighters union accepts deal from the city, but with a hitch

Firefighters union accepts deal from the city, but with a hitch

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 June 2015 – Back in 2010, the city of Quebec decided to change 76 different unionized white collar jobs within their fire department to non-union positions. The idea didn’t go over well with the Association des Pompiers professionels de Quebec, (The firefighters union), and the two parties have been in court fighting the decision ever since. Last week the municipality’s decision was overruled and the 76 employees will remain unionized as per the demand of their Association.

It was a victory for the union, and their collective agreement with the city will finally be signed this week. The new agreement is for a nine year period dating back to 2010 and up to 2018, when the whole negotiation process will start all over again.

Quebec City’s fire trucks and vehicles have been plastered with anti-municipal slogan stickers for several years now, so they should finally be coming off during this week.

The union was also fighting for its retirement benefits which the city was trying to reduce or be compensated for losses incurred from 2007 and 2009.

The tension between the city and its firefighters over the past five years has been uncomfortable for the Labeaume administration and now that the deal has been signed things should run more smoothly with all those involved.

The past five years of negotiating and court cases between the two parties cost the taxpayers over a million dollars and required 60 different arbitration meetings.

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