First Believers of Québec’s Amphitheatre Project Pick their Seats

First Believers of Québec’s Amphitheatre Project Pick their Seats

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 March 2015 – After 7 years of faith and waiting, the first common citizens to believe in the new amphitheatre project were finally rewarded yesterday.  The founders and first supporters of J’ai Ma Place, a citizen initiative launched in 2008 to help fund the new amphitheatre, were given first pick of “their” seats in the nearly-complete Centre Vidéotron.

It’s not entirely clear yet what exactly they’ll be able to do with “their” seats, but the project’s earliest supporters have been promised assured seats at certain shows and events held at the beginning of the new amphitheatre’s life.  The initiative was started in 2008, without any assurances that the project would ever even go forward, but as funding fell into place the J’ai Ma Place initiative was taken over by Vidéotron, operator of the new amphitheatre, continuing the process begun by Mario Bédard.

The movement quickly gained massive popularity, despite the skepticism of many.  Mayor Labeaume, then-Premier Jean Charest, and various other political and cultural figures had supported the project by buying their “seats” in the new amphitheatre.  At yesterday’s opening, as is fitting, Bédard was the first to pick his seats, followed by his associates.  The rest of the seats will be chosen in a first-come, first-served basis through J’ai Ma Place and Première Place’s lists.

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