First Co-housing Project in Quebec to be Completed in Quebec City

First Co-housing Project in Quebec to be Completed in Quebec City

The first Co-housing project in Quebec is about to be completed in Quebec City. The long-awaited move into Cohabitat Québec is about to happen.

Cohousing-QuebecThe concept of Co-housing first originated in Europe but rapidly gained popularity in the US and in Anglophone Canada. For instance, fifteen are located in British Columbia.

Starting on 15 June 2013, after years of hard work the first Cohousing in Quebec, is becoming a reality. Located on a beautiful lot, at 1650 Louis-Jetté, the project is based on the common values of ecology, interactions between generations, and harmonious connections with one’s neighbours. Having the cars at the periphery of the grounds leaves a fair amount of space for gardening, for a basketball hoop and for the children’s playground.

A vast common room, a small gym, a laundry room, guest rooms and a lovely playroom are other bonuses. Since no profit is made in the operation, the prices are competitive for the area. The result is something like the villages of the past with a good balance between strictly private space and generous common areas, both outdoors and indoors.

The location close to workplaces, amenities and schools, and the quality of the construction and of the building materials all conform with sustainable development.

A brief description can be found on the site of Cohousing Canada:

Further information, visits of the site, and dates for presentations are found here

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