First dog to sit at Quebec National Assembly

First dog to sit at Quebec National Assembly

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 February 2015 – The first dog to be in attendance at the National Assembly of Quebec was introduced to the members of parliament this week but, won’t have a voice in the decision making.

Pepper, is a service dog which a CAQ member of parliament, Claire Samson, has in her possession to help her detect epilepsy attacks from which she suffers occasionally. It is the first time that a dog of any kind has been officially accepted into the blue room of the legislature.

Mme Samson doesn’t usually take Pepper to work, but she feels a bit uneasy this week so asked permission to bring the dog for this week only, as a precaution, in case she were to fall victim to one of her attacks. Pepper can detect an oncoming epileptic attack hours before it happens and has a way of warning his owner.

Everyone in parliament was warned to not pet or make any attempt to touch Pepper as it becomes a distraction, like most guide dogs, to his normal concentration, which is to detect his master’s ailment.

There was no mention to the fact that the dog has an English name, because he apparently understands French, so the issue only came up through the media. Pepper is a grey Royal Poodle, with a collar that says, service dog/on duty.

One word that is definitely taboo for Pepper is p-a-r-c, (park) which for him means, “party-time.”

Pepper will soon be donated to a zootherapy service in Mme Samson’s political riding of Iberville.

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