First Ovation in Quebec in Words

First Ovation in Quebec in Words


Quebec, October, 2012 – With a generous program and unique activities focusing on writing and literature, it is now, in Quebec, that the fun begins with the Festival Québec en toutes lettres. On until October 21st, under the science fiction banner, with the work of Isaac Asimov, the event this year still leaves a place of choice for emerging writers.

Among the activities presented, the spotlight is certainly on new writers.

Discover the activities associated with Première Ovation presented at Québec en toutes lettres:

Master Class with Mézières

On October 14, at 2 pm in Room Gerard Martin of the Gabrielle Roy Library

Cartoonist of the unforgettable Valérian and Laureline, Mézières shares his expertise with Quebec cartoonists by responding to the technical and theoretical questions of this job. Come and see them at work for a live drawing session.

Premiers 6

October 16, 8 pm at Tam Tam Café

Discover new Quebec literary voices! From poetry to film script, to novels, and short stories, the artist, Hélène Matte, will be reading works written and freshly done by authors supported by the Première Ovation in Literary Arts: Anaïs Palmers, Anthony Charbonneau-Grenier, Jeanne Lagabrielle, Lucie Richard, Marie-Eve Muller, Simon Lambert, and Stephane Marcoux.

Arthy Receives – Performance

October 17 at 8 pm and October 18 at 5 pm at Tam Tam Café

Tired of creating on his own, the virtual artist group finlarmoiment explores the boundaries of Asimov’s three robotic laws and designs robot RT-01 (Arthy) able to make art: a confrontation between the artist and the machine between “creation pure” and “pure creation”. In this pictorial and literary performance, improvisation, experimentation, humor, and technology are featured.

Pending the End of the world – Literary Jazz Evening

October 18, 8 pm at the Gabrielle-Roy Library

Together in an underground bunker, nine writers present a literature-collage of books that have affected them, that they would have loved to write, and that they want to save from the Apocalypse. What are the last words you want to read before this fateful moment? With Marrie E. Bathory, Jean Desy, Isabelle Forest, Valerie Forgues, Alexandra Mignault, Michel Pleau, Catherine Rochette, Marie Saint-Hilaire-Tremblay, Matthew Simoneau, and a jazz ambiance of Alain Boies and Pierre Côté.

Flesh Works  – Literary Appointment

October 20, from 7pm at TRYP Quebec Hotel PUR

More hype than ever, the Québec en toutes lettres brings some new authors and an improved formula presented in three sections when evening gives way to night… Treat yourself with a quick one-on-one with an author (Seduction Attempt – 7 pm), be tempted by the unknown in one of the Hotel PUR rooms (Clandestine Appointments – 9pm), and stretch the meeting at the hotel bar (One last drink? – 11 pm). What will there be out there to  charm you? With, among others, Yves Beauchemin, Jacques Côté, Jean Desy, Raôul Duguay, Karoline Georges, Marie Hélène Poitras, Hélène Monette, Zviane, new writers Naomi Fontaine, Josée Marcotte, Isabelle Richard, and Catherine Dorion.

For more information on all of these activities or the complete program of Québec en toutes lettres, visit It should be noted that some activities require the official event badge, available at a cost of $ 15, and it is suggested to book your tickets in advance at 418 641-6788, ext 125 or

First Ovation

Established in 2008 by Quebec City, the Première Ovation supports emerging artists in the capital giving them the means to create and live their first professional experiences. Managed by professional arts and cultural organizations, programs now reach eight disciplines: music, theatre, dance, literary arts, visual arts, media arts, crafts, and multi arts. Contributing to a better distribution of talents, Première Ovation wants to develop and educate the public and provide access to performances to the entire population. Renewed for three years in 2009, Québec Culture Horizon, the program has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communications, through the cultural development agreement and partnership with Quebecor and CKRL – FM 89, 1.
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