Five days of exhilarating and diversified experiences

Five days of exhilarating and diversified experiences

The 17th Annual SAQ New France Festival :

FNF_2013Under the theme To our heroines, the SAQ New France Festival had not miss the mark in giving a special tributes to the women who played a role in the expansion of the colony.  From August 7 thru 11, all of the sites in the historical district have been visited by thousands of festivalgoers that were all very pleased to meet characters in costumes. These latter created a festive atmosphere throughout the streets of the Old-Quebec.  Always fond of gourmet discoveries, epicureans people made the most of the Marché des saveurs and enjoyed a vast number of local products. It is then mission accomplished for the organization, which produced a high-quality event as well as introducing three new attractive locations to the festivalgoers.

« Our success is based on the variety of entertainments we were proposing as well as on the creativity we did demonstrate to incessantly offering a genuine experience to our visitors », said Audrey St-Pierre, President of the SAQ New-France Festival.

« We have shown once again that history can stir all sorts of emotions. Not only does it strengthen our emotional tie to it, but it also emphasizes our collective sense of communal pride. By humanizing this theme and by developing the complicity between festival goers and our numerous street entertainers, we have succeeded to engage the public. In this way, We have managed to keep their attention through educational, interactive and humoristic activities », added Stephan Parent, Executive and Programming director.

Creativity and Savoir-faire from here!

In associating its name to a vast number of art troupes, volunteers and creators from here, the festival manages to bring to light the local talent. For 17 years now that these historical and gastronomic festivities enhanced our city, and it is by no means fortuitous— it is due to an incessant renewing, which is possible because of infinite creativity and a boundless imagination. In associating, in particular, with the association of the Filles du Roy and with the 350th of the Seminary of Québec, the SAQ New France Festival had been a true showcase for these two marking events of our history. From the Kick off, the Arrival of the Filles du Roy turns out to be highly meaningful, as the 36 first newcomers were welcomed by hundreds of curious people, all fascinated to see these women heroes, our ancestors that stood against winds, tides and storms in 1663 to become the mothers of our nation. During the Opening Parade, a massive crowd gathered all along the journey. Over 500 characters in costumes, percussionists and many Giants strutted about with a joie-de-vivre. To complete the parade, the folkloric music band Barbo delivered a performance on TD Stage. This wonderful evening come to a term with amazing fireworks displayed under the theme « Love in New France », in collaboration with Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec.

Always unique and original, the event programming contains more than 70% of new activities each year. Many of the new additions in 2013 have been very popular and appreciate by the festivalgoers. Thematic evenings such as Les fins de soirées à Roger, Le Grand tapage and the Happy Hours with wines from the Loire Valley had been widely successful. So did the three new sites, which expanded the festivities : The Ursuline’s Garden, the courtyard of the Old Seminary of Québec and the Bassin Louise. At the Bassin Louise, a visit abroad l’Aigle d’Or gave the opportunity to braver ones to learn sailing rudiments and to discover fascinating chapters about the history of sailors. Those taking part in the folktale tournament knew how to cast a spell over the audience with their amazing rhetoric and imaginary adventures. The Little Secrets Zone had shown it was possible to reinvent the concept of street performances, in making it yet more fun and interactive in order to deliver an accessible historical content. Finally, festivalgoers got the chance to discover the quality of our local products and the savoir-faire of people from here at the Marché des savers, in collaboration with Aliments du Québec.

2014: A Year Full of Projects

The next edition of the SAQ New France Festival, from August 6 thru 10, 2014, will once again enhance the creativity of Québec, which is a source of pride to the organization. The St. Lawrence River will also have a place of honour, but it is first and foremost the ingenuity and energy needed to mold the Quebec of today that will be put forward. The least to say is that projects are not lacking. Amongst the new concepts, there will be a new approach for the Parade, a never seen before, in witch the participation of the population will be essential.

Thanks to our partners!

The SAQ New France Festival would like to extend its sincere thanks for the important contributions from the public partners that have helped make this event possible over the years. The following departments and organizations have given valuable support for the 2013 festival: the Government of Canada, the Government of Québec, the City of Québec and the Office du tourisme de Québec.

Thank you as well to our private partners: SAQ, Aliments du Québec, TD Bank, Molson Export, 350th du Séminaire de Québec, Laurier Québec, Groupe Océan, Communauté métropolitaine de Québec, Groupe Voyages Québec, Laiterie Coaticook.

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