Flu epidemic leads to overcrowded Quebec hospitals

Flu epidemic leads to overcrowded Quebec hospitals

Main pic: Influenza virus. Influenza virus. Photo Credit: Cynthia Goldsmith

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 December 2014 – The sudden and early arrival of the annual flu epidemic has had a somewhat difficult effect on the local hospitals causing an overcrowding and a lack of beds to supply all their needs.

As of December 29 there were a little more than 70 patients who were still awaiting a bed in the local hospitals. The elderly in particular are the ones who suffer the most from a flu virus and who need the most care.

The directors of the hospitals for the area are not too alarmed by the actual circumstances stating that it is not out of the ordinary to have such an overload of patients this time of year. Those that do not have a permanent room or bed are all on stretchers and are being well looked after even though they have some discomfort by the fact that they are awaiting in the corridors of the institutions.

This year has seen a significant rise in the number of people affected by the H3N2 virus which seems to have found a way to defy the flu vaccine that was implemented earlier in November.

According to the Agence de la santé et des Services sociaux de la Capital- Nationale and the hospital administrators together, the vaccine seems to have had less effect fighting the virus this year.

Two hospitals , Enfant-Jésus and the CHUL are still maintaining a curfew for visitation in their geriatrics wards until the situation stabilises.

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