Flying to the USA from Quebec City may soon be simpler

Flying to the USA from Quebec City may soon be simpler

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 January 2015 – If you have ever flown from Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International airport to an airport in the US, you know that you have to go through customs upon your arrival at your American destination. It would appear however that all that is about to change.

The management of Jean Lesage airport, which is administered by Aéroport de Québec Inc, has been contacted by US authorities with the intention of installing a US customs processing unit right here at the local airport instead of having passengers go through the customs in the US. The whole back and forth of the customs installation here in Quebec City has been going on for about ten years but, it seems like the decisions have finally been made and the project is a go.

In Canada there are 15 other airports that already have the US customs built into their operations, so doing the same thing here would seem only logical.

Quebec City has had a threefold increase in direct flights to the US in the last five years and though there has been a 5% decrease in the last year, the feasibility is worth the cost of renovations.

In 2014, nearly 275,000 passengers took direct flights from Quebec City to a US destination.

A US customs facility does not come cheap however and most of the cost is paid for by the local airport, including salaries, extra space, and certain equipment.

The airport management expects the whole thing would run about $30 million but, adds that with the new installations, the number of flights would most likely increase.

The airport already has enough space to accommodate the move and all that would be needed would be an extra restaurant to serve the clients once they’ve passed through customs, who technically speaking, would at that point, already be in the USA.

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