FNF Looking to the Future

FNF Looking to the Future

Even though their main goal is to promote history, the people working behind the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France are already looking forward. This year’s success is just a beginning and encourages the organizers to work even harder to find better and more creative ideas for the years to come.

fetes_nouvelle-francePlans for the year 2017 are already thought of where the Saint-Lawrence River will be placed more in evidence like the past weekend with the
L’Aigle D’Or boat carrying the first Filles du Roy and on which visits have been organized in the past few days.

La cour du Séminaire, where the public could assist to workshops, as well as the jardin des Ursulines, open for the first time in 374 years has also contributed to the popularity of the event. There was at least 10% more medallions sold this year compared the previous year where 16,900 passes were sold.

Next year, the parade will need even more public participation. The Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France had $2.4 Million for a budget this year, $200,000 more than last year, and 40% has been reimbursed by the presence of the public. The economic impact of the last three editions reached $6.5 Million in five days on average in the past three editions.
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