Following Disney – Frima Studio

Following Disney – Frima Studio

In 2003, Steve Couture wanted to go in business and create something big in Quebec.

At that time, the programmer was at Laval University and he imagined being at the head of a large company like Frima Studio which he runs today. 

All three owners, M. Daigle, Philippe Begin, and Steve Couture own 90% of the studio and create video games that aim to become a leading international entertainment option along Disney lines. 

He dreams that one day families from France, Japan, and elsewhere in the world will be watching a film telling the story of a character entirely produced by Frima Studio. 

Anchored in the Capital

Moreover, Steve Couture, a native of Quebec, said he wanted to keep his company in the the province’s capital city, although it now counts 350 employees and is one of the largest players in the video gaming industry. 

Furthermore, although a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since he went to Los Angeles nearly a decade ago to establish a first contact with the industry.

He did not have enough money for a laptop so he brought only a demo of a game on a USB key and went to meet people from Warner.

The following year, Frima obtained the contract to develop online games for Harry Potter.

This increased their credibility and exposure because access to finance was very difficult at that time. 

This contract was the beginning of a great series of successes as Frima Studio made several acquisitions and has since produced over 400 games, especially on the web.
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