Fondation Nordiques suing Quebec City for $1.2 million

Fondation Nordiques suing Quebec City for $1.2 million

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 August 2015 – It appears there has been a breach of contract between the Fondation Nordiques and the City of Quebec concerning the annual sports Gala, that takes place in April at the old Colisée de Pepsi.

The Gala called Gala Triomphe, is organised to honour the success of local athletes from around the region and is an important event for the Fondation and the athletes themselves.

This year however the event had to be cancelled because of a scheduling conflict between a Remparts playoff game and the Nordiques Foundation. Because of a game of hockey, the Gala could not be held and Marcel Aubut who heads the organization, is accusing the city of not honouring a contract that was signed by Expo-Cité, and himself.

The city says they never signed anything, but Radio-Canada got their hands on the contract duly signed by both parties.

M. Aubut, who at one time owned the Nordiques Hockey team, is upset and is suing the city for the amount of $1,202,532.02 for lost revenue from sponsors and marketing potential which would have helped his foundation.

As far as the athletes are concerned; M. Aubut has promised a ceremonial gathering somewhere in the city for the end of October so the local sport stars can at least be honoured for their endeavours and accomplishments.

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