Forest Fire Ban Lifted in Quebec

Forest Fire Ban Lifted in Quebec

With the return of cooler and inclement weather, the ban on open fires in or near forested areas has been lifted in Outaouais and elsewhere in Quebec, the Société de protection des forêts contre le feu (SOPFEU) has announced.

Despite the ban that has been in place since Monday, the agency has recorded thirty fires of human origin.

Les pompiers de Stoke assistés de ceux de Windsor et de la SOPFEU (Société de… (Archives La Tribune) Currently, there are seven forest fires raging across the province, but they are controlled.

Since the beginning of the season, 197 fires have devastated 220 hectares of forest which is much higher than the seasonal average.

The flammability was considered “extreme” by the SOPFEU for the entirety of the province.

The situation is particularly critical in the Eastern Townships, La Capitale-Nationale and north of Montreal.

All fires were caused by human activity, which is why SOPFEU launched a ban on open fires in most regions of Quebec on Monday.

“People have started to clean up their land to make burning of waste,” said Marie-Hélène Bernier, adding that the dead leaves on the ground are favorable to the outbreak of fire.

Even citizens who already hold a licence to legally have open burning fires must refrain.

Some precautions must be taken to avoid further fires, according SOPFEU.

They recommend waiting for the afternoon or evening before lighting a fire. The winds are then less powerful and the humidity is higher.

It is recommended to always have water or sand handy so one is able to extinguish the fire.

On Tuesday, a fire broke out in Mont Saint-Hilaire, Montérégie.
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