Former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau dies aged 84

Former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau dies aged 84

Main pic: Jacques Parizeau lors d’une conférence à Nicolet. Photo credit: Mariannlï.

Montreal (Quebec) 2 June 2015 – One of Quebec’s most devout separatists, Jacques Parizeau died at the age of 84 Monday night, June 1 at 8pm. M. Parizeau was leader of the Quebec separatist party, Le Parti Québécois, from 1988 to 1996.

When he was elected Premier in 1994, he took Quebec into its second referendum on sovereignty in 1995 where he was defeated by a small margin by the federalists and was very upset at the loss. He finished the evening stating the defeat was due to “money and the ethnic vote” a phrase which would force him to resign a few months later, from politics and public life.

M. Parizeau, in a recent interview with Radio Canada said he was sorry he was not able to be the person who would lead Quebec to be a sovereign state. He was dedicated to the cause and was upset with the fact that at one point René Lévesque (one of the founders of the party) wanted to put the independence issue on the back burner for the Parti.

He resigned from the party in 1984 only to return as leader in 1988.

His wife Lisa Lapointe was very upset by his passing and stated he will be missed. M. Péladeau (the present Parti Québécois leader) said in a twitter message that all Québécois are mourning the death of M. Parizeau.

M. Parizeau can now join René Lévesque, Camille Laurin, and Gérald Godin, his fellow founders of the Parti Québécois at that big round table in the sky.

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