Former Université Laval prof arrested for drug production

Former Université Laval prof arrested for drug production

Main pic: Ecstasy tablets. Photo credit: Ras67.

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 September 2015 – An ex-university professor of chemistry, Daniel Cozak was arrested yesterday, September 9, at his residence in Saint-Camille-de-Lellis, a small village south of Quebec City situated close to the Canada-US border, for running a laboratory specialized in producing the drug known as ecstasy.

Mr. Cozak 66 and two of his sons, Charles and Samuel were operating two different laboratories, one in Quebec and a second at Baker Lake in New Brunswick.

Police had put Mr. Cozak and his sons under surveillance a year ago and with the help of the RCMP, the Canadian border agency and local police from the two municipalities were able to finally make the arrests.

Mr. Cozak had a vast knowledge of how to mix chemicals and how to import the ingredients separately and legally so as to go undetected until now. His son Charles, 26 had been arrested in 2012 for trafficking cocaine and cannabis.

Police made raids this week in Saint-Camille-de-Lellis, Saint-Catherine-de-Jacques-Cartier in Quebec and in Baker Lake, New Brunswick where a second lab had been set-up.

It is suspected that Mr. Cozak sensed the police were onto him as he was in the process of moving all his equipment to Baker Lake when the arrests were made. Police have seized all of the family’s possessions, including real estate and vehicles.

Mr. Cozak had taught at several different universities throughout Quebec including, Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke as well as Laval and was a private consultant for numerous private companies in the province.

He and his son Charles appeared before a judge in Grand-Falls, NB on charges of manufacturing, and trafficking drugs on Wednesday of this week.

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