Four hold-ups in three days by same individual

Four hold-ups in three days by same individual

An unidentified man has been successful in pulling off four robberies in three days, in and around the Quebec City region, and he’s still out there. Police don’t have much to go on except that the thief appears to be in his 20’s, uses a pistol and is dressed in dark clothing.

He (or maybe a woman in disguise) targets convenience stores and has so far done his work in Beauport, Charlesbourg, and further east around Ange Gardien on boul. Ste Anne.  He asks for the money in the till at gunpoint and then runs to somewhere out in the darkness, blending into the night with his dark clothing. He appears to have the same MO for all his works, which is why the police can deduct that it is the same person who committed all four robberies. We assume that the stores in question have video cameras and that soon the “Dark intruder” will be found. Watch for him at your local dépanneur.

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