Four new buildings for boul. Laurier, Québec

Four new buildings for boul. Laurier, Québec

Main pic: Édifice au coin nord-est du Boulevard Laurier et de la Route de l’Église dans le secteur Sainte-Foy de Québec. Photo credit: Khayman

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 February 2015 – It appears there are still not enough condos and office space available in Quebec City, even with all the units currently under construction, to fulfill the demand, or is there?

The properties/holding company Cominar, has a project in mind to construct four new office towers on the grounds of the old Auberge des Gouverneurs, on the corner of boul. Laurier blvd and rue Lavigerie.

One of the towers would have 50 stories, making it the tallest building this side of Toronto. The company would like it to become a symbol for the city much like the Chateau Frontenac has been for centuries. The complex would house offices, condos, retailers and restaurants with an observation platform on top of the highest structure having no doubt, the best vantage point from anywhere in the area.

Michel Dallaire, the CEO of Cominar, who inherited the company from his father, would like the buildings to be a landmark for the city, for his company and also as an ode to his father, who always saw the potential in the Ste Foy plateau.

According to M. Dallaire, the buildings would have to be multi-functional to be profitable.

The opposition questions the need for such a structure and also brings up the point that the buildings would become a hub, leaving the rest of the city vacant as far as any commercialisation is concerned.

Mayor Labeaume is as usual, gong-ho on the project. If all is approved construction could start as soon as 2016.

Cominar already owns numerous buildings and warehouses throughout the city including Place de la Cité and the newly constructed Tour Dallaire, both in the same vicinity where the new towers would be built.

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