Four care home employees arrested for abuse

Four care home employees arrested for abuse

Saint-Urbain/Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec) 8 October 2015 – After a five month investigation concerning abuse and assaults in two different establishments commissioned as residences for elders and/or mentally or physically challenged individuals the Sûreté de Québec has taken four people into custody.

The owner of the two homes Rémy Bernier 47, and three other suspects Herman Warren 66, André Demers 59 and Lisette 52 have all been charged with assault, assault causing bodily harm and for making death threats to residents of the two establishments in question.

It all started back in May when a patient from one of the homes was sent to hospital in Baie-Saint-Paul with bruises and obvious injuries from being assaulted.

A public trustee became involved in the case and soon after an arrest was made for a M. Jean Coutu 53 who was in charge of the home where the patient had been mistreated. M. Coutu had a heavy record of past judicial confrontations with the law and was an employee of Rémy Bernier. He has been behind bars since May 29.

The inquiry took off from there with several different witnesses coming forward to report the mistreatment of patients at the two establishments.

Apparently some employees were asked to do 24 hour shifts with no break in between together with other accusations of abuse and incompetence towards the residents.

Other arrests may be made in the future as the investigation continues.

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