Four years in Quebec prison for synthetic “coke” dealer

Four years in Quebec prison for synthetic “coke” dealer

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 May 2015 – A local distributer of MDPV, a synthetic type of cocaine, was sentenced to four years behind bars this week by the Quebec Courts. The accused, Sébastien Chantal 38 was working for a group of drug traffickers headed up by Patrice Genest.

The drug, known commonly as “bath salts” sells for about $400 dollars an ounce as compared to $1,500 an ounce for the real “stuff” which makes it a very suitable replacement and lucrative business for the consumers and sellers alike.

The manufactured drug was being produced in a laboratory at the University of Sherbrooke by a member of the gang known as the “chemist”. It was then shipped to M. Chantal’s place where it was guarded and then distributed by Hells Angel’s members to as far away as New Brunswick.

The drug, according to Judge Bernard Lemieux, is ten times more powerful than real cocaine and can cause physical and mental damage to users which can last a lifetime. Judge Lemieux handed down the four year sentence, which is severe for drug trafficking, because of the gravity of the circumstances surrounding the case.

The whole network, headed up by M. Genest who inherited eight years behind bars, was broken up in 2012 by police raids throughout the province. Unfortunately it has taken three years to finally sentence all those people involved.

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