François Hollande to Visit Quebec

François Hollande to Visit Quebec

Main pic: François Hollande and Ségolène Royal at a political rally held by the Socialist Party for the 2007 parliamentary elections. Photo credit: Jastrow

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 October 2014 – The President of France (aka Le président de la République) will be visiting Canada in November and will be stopping off in Quebec City the 3rd and 4th of that month.

He will be received and entertained by the province’s Premier, Philippe Couillard who is enthusiastic to meet and greet M. Hollande.

M. Couillard has great respect for the province’s attachment to France and to its people, stating that having a chance to meet and discuss common interests with a compatriot can only be a positive event.

Quebec has always had a close historical relationship with France ever since the territory was named Nouvelle France back in the 16th century, with both populations, despite the British conquest, sharing the same language and same basic values including bilateral trading and exchanges.

The last time a French president visited Quebec was in 2008 when M. Nicolas Sarkozy addressed the National Assembly, a first for any French president.

Before that, the only time a French president stayed in Quebec City was back in 1987 when François Mitterand paid a visit to Canada on a friendly and informative tour of the country.

M. Hollande will also be stopping in Banff, Alberta, Ottawa and Montreal on his first visit to Canada.

The French Consulate General, Nicolas Chibaeff, will be accompanying the two politicians during the séjour in the provincial capital.

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