François Legault Hits the Campaign Trail

François Legault Hits the Campaign Trail

The Coalition Avenir Québec’s leader, François Legault, has launched his electoral campaign in the Quebec region.

A clash between the Liberals and the CAQ is inevitable in this territory. Both parties are determined to win.

Legault’s first press conference was in Place d’Youville this week. After a couple of handshakes, the caquist spent the rest of his time with media for the first day of his campaign and gave many interviews.

He plans on revealing special measures to fight against corruption present in the Quebec Congress Centre.

He wishes to eliminate all corruption to relieve the population from the tension Jean Charest has created in the past few years.

Legault is willing to demonstrate that he is ready to govern and believes it is time to clean up this mess. He promised great changes with a caquist government. His determination and confidence are definitely a source of motivation for all the CAQ members.

François Legault does not fear his adversaries and is aiming for a majority government. Even though the CAQ is slightly behind in polls, Legault gains more visibility than ever and a rise in CAQ votes is imminent. The latest statistics show that the PQ leads with 33%, followed by the PLQ with 31%, and 21% for the CAQ.

The CAQ leader hit the road Thursday after a press conference in Quebec City and promote the CAQ.

He has decided to play this campaign clean and be positive in his comments.

In other words, he will not demean the other parties but simply do his best to promote La Coalition Avenir Québec.
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