Fraudulent daycare centres discovered in Quebec raids

Fraudulent daycare centres discovered in Quebec raids

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 June 2015 – A network of daycare centres (garderies) were raided this week by Revenu Québec for having produced false receipts for clients who never actually used the centres or used them rarely but were supposedly billed as full time clients.

The government body claims the amount of false claims from fictitious clients amounts to around $2.5 million. It is the largest operation of its kind ever undertaken by Revenu Québec concerning daycare centres and it appears the network was controlled by only a couple of individuals. The raid was carried out at 22 different locations from Quebec City to the eastern townships and could involve 250 individuals who either worked at or owned in-home daycare centres.

Revenu Québec called upon 88 investigators, 9 IT technicians and 4 different police forces to conduct the raid, which was carried out after 5pm in order to cause the least amount of disruption for the parents of the children who were being cared for by the centres. The operation was titled “Projet Bambino” and concerned accusations dating from 2009 to 2012.

In some cases Revenu Québec thinks there may not have even been a daycare at some of the locations that were supplying false receipts.

The question remains whether the centres were charging extra hours or if they were charging for children who had never been kept by the implicated daycare in the first place. The centres were working in conjunction with the invisible clients as part of a joint fraud network.

Once everything is sorted out, some of the people involved in the fraud if convicted could be facing up to 5 years in a jail cell.

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