Freak accident takes life of well known Quebec City professor

Freak accident takes life of well known Quebec City professor

Eric_DewaillyA rare accident took the life of Dr. Éric Dewailly, a reputable research scientist and professor at Université Laval earlier this week. The doctor and his wife, also a local doctor, were on vacation on La Réunion island situated in the Indian Ocean and were hiking on a trail used by tourists to reach Biberon falls, a popular attraction.

It appears as if the ground gave way as the members of his group were proceeding towards the falls causing the doctor and his wife, who was also badly injured, to fall down a cliff which led to the tragic accident.

The area, close to Madagascar, had been hit by torrential rains the days preceeding the accident and some of the trails used by the hikers had been closed to tourists as a precautionary measure. Sources are not clear on whether or not the doctor and his wife were on a trail which had been cordoned off, and an investigation is underway. To make things even worse, the sister-in-law of Dr. Dewailly’s daughter was also killed when she jumped in and tried to save her father-in-law.

The doctor’s wife Dr. Dodin, a gynecologist and professor, was taken to the closest hospital on the island for observation and special care. She apparently did not suffer any life threatening injuries.
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