Free parking essential for Tournoi International Pee-Wee de Québec

Free parking essential for Tournoi International Pee-Wee de Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 February 2015 – A concern has been addressed by the managing director of the Pee-Wee tournament, Patrick Dom, in regards to the parking rights for future Pee-Wee tournaments. He’s a bit worried that when the annual tournament, which is a very popular event for all Canadians, moves to the new Stadium (Amphitheatre) there is a possibility the parking will no longer be free for the visitors who come to participate and watch the young players strut their stuff.

The parking is also free for the Remparts games, which could also become an issue if the spectators have to pay to park. The parking is controlled by the city through the ExpoCité board and not by the Stadium administrators Quebecor, and normally up until now, there are 1400 free spots available for the Pee-Wee tournament at the old Colisée. M. Dom also mentioned that the overlapping of the Home Show with the last week of the tournament causes havoc with parking, as some of those 1400 spaces are taken up by people visiting the home show forcing some visitors to the Pee-Wee tournament to find parking elsewhere and having to pay for it.

M. Dom has even stated that if the parking isn’t free for his event then the whole tournament could be drastically affected, maybe even causing it to be completely cancelled. Maybe his concerns are exaggerated but, since the whole ExpoCité administration is in a process of restructuring, he wants to be sure that his concerns are heard by the board and that the parking issue is on the table for negotiation.

ExpoCité has several different things going on right now, like amalgamating different functions, what to do with the old Colisée Pepsi, and whether or not the administration should become part of the Centre de Congrès. Everything is on the table these days and somewhere through it all, according to M. Dom, parking should be on the front burner, at least for his Pee-Wee hockey players.

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