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Free Professional Training Advice is proud to add professional personal trainer, Brendan Dunklee, to the sports section of our online magazine.

Brendan will be offering free advice about health and fitness.

A personal trainer is someone who is familiar with the benefits of regular exercise, namely increased self-esteem, more energy and a general feeling of well-being.

Brendan Dunklee – Personal Trainer

Brendan’s interest and passion in health and fitness was ignited in 1982 when he received his first set of weights. In 1994, he started his own personal training company, Bodies By Brendan. By the late nineties, he was personal training full-time at the Toronto Athletic Club and moonlighting at George Brown College where he taught Personal Training and Exercise Techniques. From 2003 until 2009, Brendan was the Health and Fitness Director for Marquest Asset Management, while continuing to train clients in his home studio and other asset management houses.

To date, Brendan is training executives at Sprott Asset Management, Canaccord Genuity, Marquest Asset Management, and in his home studio, while also providing an on-line mentoring service through his Protonic Fitness website. The mission of Protonic Fitness is to teach the importance of proper exercise and nutrition in a constructive and supportive manner to educate  individuals and allow them to become more self-sufficient.

The Protonic Fitness website also features a free Q and A section where Brendan answers questions and posts them online. Some of the questions include: Can I still exercise while I am sick? Will just doing crunches give me a 6-pack? What is the best exercise for my biceps?

If Brendan looks familiar, you might recognize him from the February 2011 issue of Canadian Living Magazine. In this feature article, Brendan tells the story of how he ended up in a cardiac crisis at age 36 after recently having passed a heart fitness test. It’s an eye-opening read about how stress can cause serious health complications and how Brendan managed to bounce back with the support of his family.

Brendan Dunklee knows what he’s talking about and he’s anxious to share his knowledge with readers. So don’t be shy and be sure to take advantage of free training advice from a Certified Personal Trainer.

If you have any health and fitness questions that you’d like to ask Brendan, please contact us and we’ll add the questions and answers to the site. The responses may be of use to other site users too.

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