Free TV to a Good Home

Free TV to a Good Home

We were contacted this week by a local Quebec City resident who had this to say:

Last summer, we bought a new HD TV in a curious set of circumstances, having previously decided to wait until our present TV broke down. It didn’t, we thought we’d keep it as a second TV, but now realize we don’t need it, and would like to see if some family you know might be able to appreciate it.

It was a top-of-the-line 29″ Sears colour TV, bought 18 years ago, but has had regular upkeep and has been running just fine – as mentioned, we were actually planning to keep it for our own TV until….

We’d be pleased if there might be a family out there who would like to have it.


Please contact Harvey L. Mead on 418-653-6090 or by email

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