“Freeman” Arrested in Chicago

“Freeman” Arrested in Chicago

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 December 2014 – The man who had declared his house and property as a sovereign state within Canada has been arrested in Chicago for not having a legal passport. Alain Painchaud declared earlier this year that he was exempt from Canadian laws because he had decided by his own rules that his yard and house were a sovereign country, and that under those circumstances he would no longer have to pay income tax nor abide by any laws that Quebec or Canada imposed upon him.

M. Painchaud was to appear in court in Quebec City December 22 for a psychiatric evaluation concerning several charges including, importation of illegal drugs, illegal possession of certain arms, and impeding the work of border guards. The judge does not expect M. Painchaud to be present for his hearing. He was apparently on his way to Thailand where he was going to ask for political asylum when he was arrested at O’Hare airport. His wife is already in Thailand and was awaiting his arrival.

The courts, both Provincial and Federal, are not sure how and when M. Painchaud will be repatriated to Canada. Another question which is being posed by officials is how the accused was able to board an Air Canada plane bound for the US without a passport since his passport has been withheld by authorities due to the accusations from earlier this year. The only other ID which could be valid to board and international flight would be an Air Nexus card.

It will be interesting to see how M. Painchaud will protect himself from Canadian and International laws as he is apparently not liable according to his regulations.

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