Freemasonry Alive and Well in Quebec City

Freemasonry Alive and Well in Quebec City


Did you know that there has been a Masonic Lodge in Québec City since 1788? In fact, one can trace back the history of Freemasonry in our fair city all the way back to June 12, 1752, when a charter was issued from the Masonic Lodge no. 9 in England, known as the ‘Antients’.

Very little is known about this original Lodge, since the details of its history have remained shrouded in mystery over time. But it would seem that this original Lodge remained dormant for several years.

The story picks up again in 1781 when members within the 4th Royal Artillery Regiment founded Lodge no. 213, also referred to as ‘Antients’. The members of this Regiment eventually returned to their home base of Woolwich, in Great Britain. While they were back in Woolwhich, this Lodge bought, at the request of the Grand Lodge, (Antients), the charter of Lodge no. 9, whose number they operated under upon their return to Québec. They returned to North America on June 11, 1790, and immediately came into contact with Lodge no. 241, also referred to as ‘Antients’ which was to eventually become known as St. John’s Lodge no. 3.

The first Lodge which was mentioned at the beginning, whose origins date from 1752, was eventually to go on to become Albion Lodge no. 2. This was to become the French-speaking lodge in Québec City, with the Lodge I wrote about in the second case, being St. John’s Lodge no. 3, becoming the English-speaking Lodge.

Both Lodges maintain excellent relations with each other, in a spirit of fraternal cooperation and trust.

Freemasonry has always flourished in Québec City and around the world, because it seeks to take good men, who have a strong sense of all that is sacred, true and worthy in this world, and to make them better, through the light of knowledge and wisdom gained by the study of the Sacred Law, and the tenets of Freemasonry itself, which teach us to walk on the straight and true path in all of our temporal and spiritual endeavours.

Our Fraternity also continues to flourish because, contrary to poular belief, we admit persons of all monotheistic beliefs, including Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and any other person who professes faith in a Supreme Being. Our fraternity is also a microcosm of persons from all walks of life: We have a tendency to attract a large constituency of military personnel and  professionals, but also draw a large number of people from the private sector, government, tradesmen, working people, and so on.

Freemasonry has also spawned an affiliated organization known as the Order of the Eastern Star, which was founded by a Mason, and which is open to  men and women, provided that, in the case of the women, that they be a blood relative of a Mason, and which teaches the same principles of Godliness and upstanding behaviour amongst its members.

Currently there is no Chapter of this fellowship in Québec City, either in English or French, but interested parties would be most welcome to contact the Grand Lodge if they so wished to do so.

So before you go on any conspiracy theory website that says just about anything about this long-standing and time-honoured organization, please visit our website at, or  for more information, and get the straight goods about Freemasonry. Our address is: 51 rue Desjardins, Québec, QC, G1R 4L6, 418-694-0691. We’ve been at the same place for almost one hundred and fifty years now, and I haven’t seen any sign of any Global Conspiracy emerging yet! Check us out; you’ll be glad you did!
Article and photo: Peter Stuart

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