French Foreign Legion Band – Quebec City 2010

French Foreign Legion Band – Quebec City 2010

At 2pm on, a swelteringly-hot, Sunday 29th August at Monument Champlain in Quebec City (just next to the Dufferin Terrace) the French Foreign Legion Band entertained the crowds.

The free concert, part of the Quebec City Festival of Military Bands, lasted one hour and was enjoyed by a healthy gathering of appreciative mulitary music lovers.

The bandmaster adressed the crowd and stated how delighted he was to be here in Quebec City. He enjoyed the fact that there was no language barrier between this part of Canada and France, so everyone had the opportunity to chat to the band and enjoy the music.

Those present were informed that the French Foreign Legion Band consisted of 19 different nationalities. All fully trained soldiers (legionnaires).

Although the band members were not introduced by name, they were intruduced by country and the legionnaire from the United States (being the closest to home) got the loudest cheer of the day.

There are so many free activities to take advantage of in Quebec City during the summer.
This was just one of them.

Roll on summer 2011 – let’s hope they come back.

The French Foreign Legion Band played a very traditional set, including La Marseillaise.

French Foreign Legion Band
The link above takes you to an external site. You can see and hear the band in action.

Article: Andrew Greenfield
Photos: Andrew Greenfield

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