French Playgroups in Quebec City

French Playgroups in Quebec City

We’ve had this email request in for a US citizen visiting Quebec City this summer.
Can anyone help? If so, please add a comment at the bottom of this post.


I am an American French speaker who will be spending two weeks in Quebec City this July with my four year old son.  I am looking for children’s activities that will both foster his developing French language skills and entertain.  I am thankful for all of your information here, but if you could also point me in the direction of any French speaking playgroups/story times/children’s events I would really appreciate it.

(contact details supplied)
Our response:

Hi Jeanne and thanks for contacting us.

You could try La Joujouthèque de Sainte-Foy – this place is very popular with Anglophones and Francophones alike.

You also might like to contact the Voice of English-speaking Quebec or the Valcartier Military Family Resource Center.

Both excellent organisations that should be able to help you further.

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