French visitor murdered by unstable neighbour in Quebec

French visitor murdered by unstable neighbour in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 July 2015 – An elderly couple who had come to Quebec City to visit their daughter was attacked by an assailant with a knife around 8pm last Sunday night, July 12 in the Saint Sauveur area of the city.

The father Joachim Aracil, aged 82 died from his wounds and heart failure at the hospital. His wife Arlette Aracil, 76 will survive her ordeal and is being treated in hospital for blood loss and shock.

When police arrived on the scene several neighbours were trying to help M. Aracil, to try and keep him alive until an ambulance crew could take over. Both victims were rushed to hospital where M. Aracil passed away.

There were several witnesses to the crime and a suspect covered in blood was quickly picked up and arrested for murder. The man, identified as Sylvain Fournier, 45 was living in the same apartment complex and is well known to most of the residents. He is constantly on alcohol or some kind of drug, said one of the witnesses speaking to reporters from Le Soleil, and apparently suffers from deep psychological problems. During his arrest he showed no signs of regret or even guilt.

When appearing in court Monday afternoon, the attorney for his behalf claimed that his client, M. Fournier may be too unstable to face trial and that a psychological examination would be required before the case can proceed.

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