From funeral parlour to art school

From funeral parlour to art school

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 December 2014 – The city has finally decided what to do to accommodate the local artists who have been waiting for a place to work on and display their art for a couple years now.

In a press conference Monday of this week, the city announced its intentions to offer the different artists in the area a special building where they can learn and practice their talents in an appropriate cultural setting.

The city’s plan to refurbish the old fire station on rue St. Nicholas for the artists has been abandoned because of the cost it would have involved to renovate the old building. The old Lépine Cloutier funeral home on rue St. Vallier on the other hand, can be adapted for the artists at a much lower cost and is apparently more suitable for their needs than the old Fire hall could have ever been.

The old building on St. Vallier Street is a magnificent example of the Normand Architecture that is so prevalent throughout the city. The building has been well maintained and has been up for sale for some time.

The building will be shared with a technology company who plans to do business in part of the building’s floor space making it a cultural and technological centre at the same time.

The city will pay part of the rent and the space will be managed by the Société de development commercial (SDC) St. Roch. The city and the artists involved are both happy with the new location which should be move in ready near the end of 2015.

The city will also be saving an enormous amount of money on the renovations, as compared to what it would have cost to take over the old Fire hall.

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