From Sept-îles to a top job with the Royal Canadian Navy

From Sept-îles to a top job with the Royal Canadian Navy

Main pic: Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier, Royal Canadian Navy. Photo credit: Royal Canadian Navy.

Sept-îles (Quebec) 28 July 2015 – Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier, who hails from Sept-Iles, has just been given the top job for the Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) division of Canada’s Navy. A career oriented sailor, Couturier has gone from the bottom of the ladder to one of the top jobs having been in command of several ships and operations throughout his various posts within the navy.

In 2006, Couturier was Commander of the HMCS Fredericton which was responsible for the RCMP operation known as Chabanel that intercepted 22.5 tons of hashish being shipped to Canadian shores.

From 2008 to 2010 Couturier was commander of the security operations conducted by the Navy for the Vancouver Olympic Games.

In 2011 the Commander was posted to Florida where he was in charge of the Command Centre dealing with a special project involving the control of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In 2014 he was the first Canadian Commander to be in charge of the largest Pacific marine operation in the world known as RIMPAC, (Rim of the Pacific).

An operation that includes all naval participants who have shorelines on the Pacific Ocean, including the USA and South America etc.

In accepting the job, RearAdmiral Couturier remained humble and compares his new posting to being the manager of a hockey team, a sport he loves and played back in Sept-Îles.

Canada’s Pacific naval base and headquarters where Couturier will be posted is situated in Esquimalt, (Victoria) BC, has 4,000 military personnel, 2,000 civilian employees and controls 15 Naval vessels.

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