Fruitful bi-provincial cooperation meeting between Ontario and Quebec

Fruitful bi-provincial cooperation meeting between Ontario and Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 September 2015 – A meeting which took place last Friday, Sept 11 between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec tackled three subjects which concern them both.

Firstly an agreement was reached between the two in regards to the jurisdiction over the youth protection act. Back in 2013 a devout Jewish group known as Lev Tahor was charged with abusing children and holding children against their will under the Quebec Youth Protection act.

The “sect” immediately moved to Ontario where the Ontario government wanted to intervene to protect the children since they were now living in that province. Because the first intervention was in Quebec it was understood that Quebec would process any defamation concerning the children, prohibiting Ontario from intervening in the matter. Lev Tahor has since moved to Guatemala. On Friday of this week a new pact was drawn up so that both provinces can act in reciprocity on cases concerning youth protection.

A second issue was the matter of Canada Immigration accepting more Francophones. The Ontario Minister for Francophone affaires, Madeleine Meilleur and Quebec’s Jean-Marc Fournier both agreed that Ottawa should increase its level of French speaking immigrants to maintain a certain percentage balance of the total population. Ontario has a level of Francophones of 3.5% and would like to see it at 5%.

The third point at the meeting was the question of economics between the two provinces. Together, Quebec and Ontario make up 55% of the Canadian gross national product (GNP) and share 53% of all interprovincial trade.
According to Quebec premier Philippe Couillard and Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne, both provinces and Canada as a whole, can benefit from a strong bi-provincial co-operation.

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