Fuel spill in northern Quebec being monitored

Fuel spill in northern Quebec being monitored

Main pic: Canadian Coast Guard Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (BO-105-CBS) helicopter over Saint Lawrence River between Quebec City and Lévis. Photo credit: Cephas. 

OTTAWA — Environment Canada is assessing the spill of about 3,000 litres of fuel in the community of Salluit at the northern tip of Quebec

The Canadian Coast Guard says it happened on Wednesday when a vessel was transferring fuel to the community in preparation for the winter months ahead.

But after the transfer was halted due to strong winds and snow, the fuel line was severed by the vessel’s propeller.

The coast guard says although the transfer had been stopped, about 3,000 litres of fuel spilled, and Environment Canada is now assessing the impacts of the spill on the shoreline, fish and wildlife in the area.

The risk is considered low, but as a precaution, the community has issued an advisory to residents not to harvest clams or mussels until further notice.

The coast guard adds that the spilled fuel is expected to dissipate quickly and that no observable sheen has been seen.

A Transport Canada surveillance aircraft was expected to fly to the region on Friday.

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