Fun Days Out in Quebec City This Summer

Fun Days Out in Quebec City This Summer


by Peter Stuart  

Are you a parent of a family with young kids in the Greater Quebec City area who’s looking for interesting and exciting day trips for your family to do this summer? Our city and the outlying area offer a whole multitude of options for family fun and adventure during the spring and summer season. 

One activity that you might want to consider is to go and visit two of the recreational/historical parks in the eastern outlying part of the region. One is called the ‘Canyon Ste-Anne’, and the other is called the ‘Sept-Chutes’ park, or ‘Seven Falls’ park, the latter of which is a recreational area designed to initiate people to the origins of our province’s rich heritage and wealth in the field of Hydro-electric power generation. 

The park itself used to be a small power-generating station, nestled in a gulch-sort of area with plentiful water fall potential to generate electricity. It became one of our province’s first hydro dams, and served to provide power for many years to the surrounding area. In the wake of the construction of our province’s mega-project hydro dams up in the James Bay area in the 1960s and 70s, we no longer needed this station to produce power, and it fell into disuse for a time, eventually being turned into a park and interpretative centre for the general public. There’s a play area for the kids, a picnic area, a souvenir shop, plenty of free parking, and admission for a family of two adults and two kids is a very reasonable 24,25$, and goes down to 20,95$ if you arrive at the park after 3:30 P.M. Children age 5 and under get in free. For more information, you can go directly to their website at Sept Chutes, Quebec. Getting there is easy also:  From Quebec City, just get on highway 138 eastbound and follow the signs for Mont-Ste-Anne. Exit at Highway 360, and just follow the signs. It’s only about 10 minutes from Mont-Ste-Anne. 

Personally, I’ve been there myself, and the scenery is stunning, and the kids will really enjoy walking outside on the trails and learning about the history and science behind hydro power. 

As for the Canyon Ste-Anne, it’s a similar type of outdoorsy place, which is comprised of a spectacular natural rock formation in the form of a canyon with a waterfall and several suspension bridges crossing the canyon with beautiful lookout points. Kids of all ages can do various activities, some of which are free of charge, some of which you have to pay. For example there’s a treasure hunt-type game, where the kids have to solve riddles using various clues provided by the park animators. These games are all available in English. 

Your kids can also go on a variety of ropes-type courses to climb along the rock faces and explore the natural beauty of the park in a more adventuresome way, in an entirely safe fashion with helmets and park staff to guide them along the way. 

Admission is very affordable, and costs 11, 50$ for adults, 8, 50$ for kids 13-17 years of age, 5, 50$ for those aged 6-12 and kids 0-5 get in free. 

For more information, just visit their website at Canyon Ste-Anne. They’re just off the 138 east bound a little past the well-known Ste-Anne de Beaupré Basilica, you can’t miss it. 

So when planning your activities with your family this summer, these are just two of the great things you can do with the kids this summer and have a great outing which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So start planning those summer activities folks, the kids will be out of school faster than you can say Jack Robinson! So, here’s hoping that this will give you some good ideas to keep your little critters amused during the brief but beautiful summer months here in Quebec City, which, if you don’t plan stuff, can appear pretty long and dull. So enjoy! And let me know how it went once you go.

About the author:

Peter Stuart is a freelance journalist and writer based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. He has a degree in Canadian Studies from the University of Ottawa.
He has written Op-Ed pieces for the last ten years for publications including: Le Soleil, La Presse, Quebec Chronicle Telegraph and Impact Campus.
Peter writes in both French and English, and is currently working on the publication of his first book. 
You can read more of Peter’s work by visiting his blog.

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