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Wanting to take a more active role in our community, we are proud to inform you about the Life in Québec Fund, aimed at helping promising and deserving students complete post-secondary education here in Quebec through a series of grants.

Grant recipients are decided by a committee who meet annually to discuss the merits of each application received based on the information provided on the application form and the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

a) You must be enrolled in any program, French or English at any post-secondary educational establishment in the Province of Quebec.
b) If awarded one of our grants, you must show proof of point a) such as including a copy of your payment receipt.
c) You must be a resident of the Province of Quebec.

When is the decision made?

The first Friday in June, every year.

When is the award made?

By the end of August, every year.

How much is the grant for?

We currently award one grant of $500.00
(five hundred dollars).
This may change in the future to include more grants of different amounts.

How is the Life in Québec Education Grant funded?

The grant is currently funded in two ways:

1) From donations made by those attending the monthly LAFF Breakfast Club meetings.
2) From a percentage of the sale of used English books that have been donated to La Bouquinerie Anglaise,
a bookstore that sells used English books in Quebec City.

Who is on the education grant awarding committee?

The committee is made up of 2 members of the management team and three volunteer members (all of whom live and work in the Province of Quebec).

How to apply

Print the Life in Quebec Grant Application Form, fill it in and mail it, together with proof of enrollment, to the address on the form.
It must be received by the end of May in the year in which you are applying.
Proof of posting the application is not proof that it has been received by us.

Good luck.

Previous Recipients

Life in Québec Fund Education Grant Award 2014

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