Gasoline: Are Quebecers overtaxed?

Gasoline: Are Quebecers overtaxed?

A survey conducted in different parts of Canada concluded that Canadian motorists, especially those in Quebec, are paying too many taxes on gasoline they buy.

Gas-pump-QuebecThe most recent data from Statistics Canada cited by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation reports that on average, each Canadian household spends $ 2,606 annually for the purchase of fuel for their vehicle.

An average tax rate of 29 percent is applied, so each household spends $ 756 for payment of gasoline taxes.

The Federation says that this year, Canadian drivers will pay $ 21.5 billion in various taxes on gasoline, or $24 per refill.

Gregory Thomas, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is concerned that all too often, the fees accumulate to the disadvantage of motorists: excise tax, federal and provincial taxes, taxes for transit, etc..

Mr. Thomas is concerned that the tax on gasoline has become the equivalent of a dollar machine for governments that benefit from the fact that people, for the most part, are obligated to use their vehicle.

He doubts that Canadians are properly informed about the use tax revenues by governments. Gregory Thomas also reports that significant differences vary by province, those that are being taxed Quebec motorists.

He adds that, in general, those who live in large urban areas pay more than others, the most affected being those in Montreal and Vancouver.

On its website, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is inviting Canadians to participate in a petition calling on governments to stop accumulating various taxes that make bleed Canadian motorists dry.
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