G’day Sheila

G’day Sheila

Got her. Finally.

Eastern Townships radio presenter and writer Sheila Quinn is in the building.

Sheila is not Australian, we just thought the g’day thing made for a decent title.

You can read Sheila’s musings once a month (or more frequently if she can find the time) in her LifeinQuebec.com column.

So you get the idea of the sort of writer we’ve just signed up, she can be seen above running away from zombies…

About Sheila Quinn

Sheila Quinn (known as media mum Sheila Q.) is a radio show host, columnist, music-infused, mother of two/stepmother of two, half of DHTV’s Les Curieux media team, den mother, who works for Champlain Regional College in Lennoxville. Sheila Q.’s bucket list tends to be self-sustaining. She has lots of plans.

Sheila is not Australian.

You can read Sheila’s column here:

Sheila Quinn Life in Quebec column

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