Giffard Arena to Get Interior Soccer Stadium

Giffard Arena to Get Interior Soccer Stadium

Three years after the initial promise, this coming week, Quebec Mayor Regis Labeaume will announce the construction of the interior soccer stadium at the Giffard arena in Beauport.

Coming back from his mission in Haïti, Mr. Labeaume will be surrounded by a dozen soccer players in their uniforms, coaches, and parents who were all waiting for this to happen. Subscribed to the three-year capital program for the city of Quebec in 2010, the interior stadium project on the Giffard arena grounds had been removed in 2011.

Quebec City, explained that the project was simply postponed, the construction of two gymnasiums, one in Charlesbourg, seemed more urgent. The covered soccer stadium project reappeared this year, making the members of the Beauport Soccer Assocation extremely happy.

The construction will begin in spring.

In 2010, the project was valued at $14 M. In comparison with the interior soccer stadium in Chauveau built for $19,9 M.

The first version of the Giffard Soccer stadium, once complete, could house 300 spectators.

It is to be built on the west side of the arena on the exterior pool, which will be moved elsewhere.

At least 2,000 soccer players are part of the Beauport soccer Association.

The Giffard site will become a true sports complex with its double-ice arena, an interior soccer stadium, and exterior soccer fields and pool.

The City asked for funding from the ministry of education, leisure, and sports.

They were looking for funds to pay off half of the centre.
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