Gilmour Hill Closed for Reconstruction this Summer

Gilmour Hill Closed for Reconstruction this Summer

The long awaited reconstruction and resurfacing of ¨La côte Gilmour¨ announced by Stephen Harper himself last August in Quebec City is happening this summer, which means the famous hill, used by many as a shorter route to lower town will be closed until at least September or October.

It’s all part of a master plan to make the whole hill accessible to cyclists, hikers and drivers all at the same time. Cyclists will be glad to know that there will be a bike path to finally join upper town to lower town using Gilmour Hill as a reference point.

All those drivers or commuters that use the hill for a shortcut during the summer months however, will have to be patient and keep using their winter route to get to their destinations. The hill will be completley closed to any vehicle traffic allowing the work to progress uninterupted and should even speed up the repairs, including the reenforcment of the retaining wall which is showing signs of weakness. The good news is, once the work is finished, the hill will be open 12 months a year instead of only the summer season which has been the case for 50 years.

The total budget for the work has been estimated at around $8.2 million, which includes a new bikepath, resurfacing the hill itself, improving the walking trails alongside the hill, and adding some extra parking spaces.

When all the renovations are finished it will be a wonderful area and a great addition to the already popular park known as the Plains of Abraham making accessibilty even more practical.

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