Gilmour Hill Closed For Winter 2011

Gilmour Hill Closed For Winter 2011

Winter Closing of Gilmour Hill

The National Battlefields Commission informs motorists that Gilmour Hill will be closed from November 1st until mid-April.

However, this announcement does not preclude the possibility of an early or sporadic closing depending on weather conditions. The safety of motorists and users of this thoroughfare is a priority for the Commission whose intention, through this decision, is to minimize potential dangers.

As shown in recent studies by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), in its present condition Gilmour Hill cannot remain open during winter because of important obstacles, environmental as well as structural, which would require major work.

The National Battlefields Commission wishes to remind motorists that there are still signs posted on Grande Allée and Champlain Boulevard to inform motorists about the hill’s accessibility.

This information is also available by phone at 418 648-4212, or via the Internet at

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