Ginette Reno Back on the Road in 2013

Ginette Reno Back on the Road in 2013

Ginette Reno gets back on track with her all new show which will take her to more than 40 cities in 2013.

Armed with her greatest successes, this popular Quebec woman singer will undertake the Ginette tour in February – Chanter pour toi ce soir, which will stretch up until December 2013.

A decision took for the love of art.

The team is doing this because they love singing. That’s it. It’s a good reason!

Accompanied by a dozen musicians, the golden-voiced singer promises to deliver her best work yet, offered in an extraordinary atmosphere.

We’ll have to wait and see who she is joined by on stage during the tour. She has already duetted with Claude Barzotti, recently with Lynda Lemay, and Maxime Landry. There could be surprises.

She jas accumulated more than half a century of career history and remains humble with this new project.

She always has something to prove. It is never over.

On the road and giving concerts around the province is not something easy.

It is one of the rare tours from Mrs. Reno in the near future.

Due to this new project, she’ll have to postpone the publication of her autobiography, as she is writing it in her spare time.

So far, 300 out of the 500 pages are written.

She wants to finish it but just doesn’t know when that is going to happen.

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