Go to jail – 2014 winner

Go to jail – 2014 winner

Thanks to our friends at the Morrin Centre in Quebec City, we held a competition to win a free tour of the jail and the rest of this magnificent building.

The competition has now closed and the winner randomly selected from all correct entries received.

Did you win the family pass (valid for 4 people) that we’re giving away to one lucky Life in Québec Magazine subscriber.

Read on to find out.

Built over 200 years ago as the city’s first common gaol, the Morrin Centre building now also houses one of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

Guided tours give you the opportunity to walk through the jail cells that still send shivers down your spine, admire the graffiti carved into the floors by inmates, see the iron rings used to chain them down and learn about why and how the condemned were hanged.

And when you’ve had enough of crime and punishment, come and unlock the less gruesome but equally colourful stories hidden in the Victorian library whose oldest works date back to the 16th century.

The building was built between 1808 and 1813 and was Quebec City’s first purpose-built public prison, or “common gaol” as it was then known. It housed its first prisoners in 1812. The building was designed by Quebec City architect François Baillairgé.

Here’s what you had to do to enter:

a) You MUST be a paying subscriber to Life in Québec Magazine and have your copy mailed to you.
b)Tell us the name of the Quebec City architect who designed the building.
c) Visit www.LifeinQuebec.com/contact-us and leave your answer via the online form.
d) Make sure that you put SUBSCRIBER JAIL COMP as the subject line and include your name, email address, and phone number with your answer.
e) Also state ‘I subscribe to Life in Québec Magazine.’

Closing date Thursday 26th June 2014 at 5pm Canadian Eastern Time.


Congratulations to Charlotte Habegger.
You have won.

Please contact the Life in Québec office and we’ll explain how you can collect your prize.

About the Morrin Centre:

Morrin_Centre_Library_upperThe Morrin Centre is an English-language cultural centre that promotes the heritage of the English-speaking community of Quebec City, fosters cultural exchange and offers a wide range of activities including library services, guided tours, readings by prominent authors, writing workshops, a writers’ festival and much more. This 200 year-old building, listed as a National Historic Site, is managed by the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec.

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