Goblin madness gone mad

Goblin madness gone mad

Lutins_du_QuebecSince 2006 the desire to obtain and display goblins, (AKA gnomes, imps, elves etc.) around Christmas time has become almost a cult in Quebec and now it appears the craze has even gotten a little out of hand. It was reported on Monday of this week that four of these little critters were stolen from a garden centre right in the middle of the city.

People are buying them in such quantities that there are no more left on the shelves in the stores so people have resorted to stealing them; it’s that bad.

Some folks who have them set up in their front yards have turned to bringing them in at night to protect them from being stolen or damaged. The problem is that being goblins they get out at night and run around the neighborhoods hiding and causing havoc without anyone seeing them, which is why the ones that disappeared from the garden centre were stolen during the day.

They’ll be out and about until the 24th of December and if you can grab one you can be part of the elite social club known as the “La magie des lutins de Noel”, which so far has 10,000 members in and around the province.

This little guy was seen making snow angels but managed to flee before being snatched away.

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