Going to a live show – turn your phone off

Going to a live show – turn your phone off

That’s the message from many performers around the world.

With the Festival d’été about to start here in Quebec City, that’s some advice that might be worth heeding.

Many phones are held up by spectators to film their idols on stage. They obstruct the view and ruin the pleasure of a live show; the stage becomes ordinary in a concert room. This habit is becoming more and more common and some artists are starting to react.

People prefer recording the concert instead of watching it with their own eyes. This is shocking and completely dismantles the primary goal of a concert.

Artists have the impression that the public are not living the full musical experience and prefer living it through their phones.

British singer, Tim Burgess from the Charlatans rock group, thinks that a shaking image filmed by hand cannot equal the experience and emotion of a concert. Don’t we all have a natural recorder in our heads? Our memories can come and go as we want and have greater affect than any video.

Phones are ruining the experience for the audience and disturb the performers. Artists work hard to have a good figure and phones take this away.

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