Good intentions gone sour for Mom and Dad

Good intentions gone sour for Mom and Dad

Families eh, who’d have ’em?

Loretteville (Quebec) 16 January 2015 – A mother is suing her daughter and son in law for $73,000 following a falling out after a bi-generation living accommodation didn’t pan out as expected.

Mom and Dad had bought a house back in 1971 and had lived there for 40 years when one of their daughters had the bright idea to turn the house into a bi-generation living quarters where mom and pop could live upstairs while the daughter made house downstairs.

The plans were made to build a second story on the existing house at a cost of $200,000, to accommodate the parents while in the meantime the daughter and her partner together with their kids would move in with their parents during the construction.

For a year everything went well accept that the construction, for some reason, never got started. After a year of living together all hell broke loose which ended up by the parents being forced out and having to move out into a retirement residence after having lived in their home for 40 years.

The father is now in hospital being treated for a hernia and possibly cancer and the mother lives alone in her apartment with very few of her belongings because, she had to leave most of them behind due to lack of space.

The daughter consequently is living in a house which she never had to pay for, while her parents are now paying a rent which they can barely afford.

The case is before the courts and the mother just wants to be paid the $73,000 dollars it has cost her to move and what she has paid in rent since leaving her beloved home, not to mention all the stress she has endured over the last year.

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